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Cousins born just hours apart! Did you see the maternity session these two sisters did? So much fun! Their babies were born a few weeks later and I had the honor of photographing them. As you can see, they are already the best of friends! They are going to have so much fun together. 🙂  These two did a great job and we managed to get some great photos. Give them some love in the comments!





Erin and Peter found me through one of my favorite clients, Heather and Dom. Their son just celebrated his first birthday with a super fun cake smash!  Aislyn was such a little doll and a trooper to be sure as we had some windy weather the day of her session. We had some fun doing a little bit of exploring in the grass. My favorite part of this session was watching mom and dad make her smile. It was too cute for words. While I enjoyed watching her laugh. I was more interested in the clear joy that their little baby was bringing to their faces and to their lives.

Erin and Peter, I’m so glad we finally got to meet. A big thanks Heather and Dom for introducing us.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. It was awesome getting to know you guys. You are such a beautiful family inside and out!




What a cutie! This little boy was all smiles for the camera. We had some fun! I loved watching him explore. He had fun  playing in the grass and watching the dogs in the park. Mom and dad certainly knew how to get im to smile and what a lovely family they were. It’s so obvious that it’s a family full of love.

Jen and Rya, it was so great to meet you guys. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!






This 10 year old is a big brother and boy is he ever. What a great “little” boy. He was always looking for ways to make his little brother laugh for the photos. But what stuck out for me even more was that he was always concerned about his brother. He wanted to make sure that he was comfortable and happy during the whole session. IT was really just darling to get to watch.

“J” family I hope you love your sneak peek. It was so great meeting you!



This little girl is going to be a big sister. She was really sweet and didn’t really want to leave mom and dad’s arms. BUt we got some cute shots and she made me laugh. She also really liked the candy I brought. Always a winner!

“F” family it was wonderful meeting you. I hope you love your sneak peek!



This little boy was so cute. I just loved watching him explore the park. It was hard to keep him with mom and dad for a few posed shots. He was much more interested in the leaves, the trees and an old tree that had falen down. But we still managed to get a few really sweet shots. The shot of the parents was taken right where they were married and grandma made the awesome cape sweater that this little boy is wearing. How cool is that?

“D” family it was so wonderful to meet you. I hope you love your sneak peek!



Zuri turned one the day of our session. What a treat for me to be there with her on her big day. She was so cute and soooo mobile! She really liked crawling around the park and she is just a few moments away from walking all over the place (right now she still needs help from mom and dad). Speaking of the park, this family lives across the street from the park we took the photos at. How great is that! Make sure you check out the last photo. Those tights were simply adorable!

April and Earl, it was such a pleasure meeting you guys. Thanks so much for asking me to capture Zuri’s first day in the One Year Old Club! I hope you enjoyed your party!

I seriously LOVE my job! I mean who wouldn’t? I get to meet the best people and the sweetest families. I had so much fun with this family. It was so great to finally meet them as the first time we spoke was back in November of last year. This little boy was the cutest thing ever. He beat me in a race to the rock but I’ll forgive him for that. He also didn’t need to catch his breath after that race filled with laughter. I however, certainly did. I loved how he wanted to take care of his sister. Pretty amazing for a three year old. Take a look at these pictures. And it should be said that it was his idea to start kissing and loving on his sister. My heart just melted!

K family I hope that you enjoy your sneak peek!

Gavin is 4 months old and is seriously adorable. We got some really great shots so it was really hard for me to pick just  a few for this sneak peek. I just love watching new parents with their chid. I know I have said this before but there is nothing like the look in their eyes. I believe I captured it here. Check it out!

Karen and John it was so reat to meet you guys. Thank you for allowing me to capture Gavin while he is still a baby. He is so sweet. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!



This family was so much fun. We had beautiful, though windy weather and fabulous scenery for this Good Friday family session. Everyone was together for the holiday and it provided the perfect opportunity for a family photo session. Lucy stole the show. She was so cute and she enjoyed exploring her surroundings. We had an impromptu Easter egg hunt and Lucy entertained us all as she searched for the eggs.

Wilson family it was so great to meet you all. I hope that you enjoy your sneak peek!











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