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It was such a pleasure to take pictures of this lovely family. “G” family it was wonderful meeting you. I hope you love your sneak peek.


I had such a wonderful session with this family. I was on my way out of town but luckily I was able to get these photos in. I was so excited to meet them and I was in no way disappointed. From the moment I met them, they welcomed me and made me feel like I’d known them forever. I absolutely adored watching the kids play together. They’ve lived in Baltimore for less than a year but I can definitely say we are very lucky to have them here! The pictures will show you that they are a beautiful family. But from experience, I can tell you that they are just as pretty on the inside as they are on the out.

“B” family, thank you for inviting me to your home. It was wonderful to meet you. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!



I had a lovely morning with this cute family. The sun was a bit bright that day so we found a few secret shaded spots to hide out in. This little girl was very cute and she was a big help trying to get her little brother to smile. “G” family it was very nice to meet you. I hope you love your sneak peek!



I love it when friends contact me for photos. Not only does it make me happy but it makes my heart full. I am honored to be chosen to capture their memories. This was no exception. We did this session two days after Christmas before most of this family headed to the airport and back home to the other side of the country. How happy I was that I could capture this family together. Not to mention it was this little guy’s first Christmas. What a cutie! The kids actually surprised mom and dad with the session for Christmas (note the ingenious photo gift below). Ok and I should explain the title of this post. I thought it was so cute that this family went on to check out what they should not do. As soon as they told me that I just knew they were going to be fun. No awkwardness here, just happiness and love. I have the best job in the world!

Kerry, it was so wonderful to meet your family. Thanks again. I hope you all love your sneak peek!



I had some fun with this family. These boys were so committed to not smiling but we still managed to get a few shots that mom woud love (and I think they will too)! It was awesome watching them all together as a family and together as brothers. The weather was lovely that day and they just coordinated so beautifully with the changing leaves.

“L” family, I hope you love your sneak peek!




I love in home sessions and this one didn’t disappoint. It took a little while for this little girl to warm up but once she did we got some great shots. Big brother on the other hand, no problem. He showed me his skills as a homerun hitter, showed his slide, his garden (and he knew everything that was growing in there) and even his big wheel. What a fun session. Oh and how much do you love the black & white? It is definitely my favorite. I love the way siblings interact with each other and it’s great when we can capture it on film!

W family, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture your awesome family. I hope you love your sneak peek!



There were so many things I loved about this session and so many photos to choose from. It was hard to narrow it down for this sneak peek. First of all mom and dad were high school sweethearts. So where better to have this family session than their Alma mater? That’s right we headed to the beautiful campus of John Carroll high school and took some incredible photos. In fact, we actually duplicated a photo of the two of them that was taken when they were 18 years old during graduation practice. How cute is that? And then for some fun, we added their adorable boys to the photo.  At that very moment the old quote “you’ve come a long way baby” started echoing in my head. Speaking of the boys, I love it when the children are excited to get their photo taken. This big brother said yes and ok to everything I asked him to do and with a smile on his face no less. He watched out for his smiley happy brother and we got some fun shots.

W family, it was such a pleasure to spend my Sunday morning with you guys. You were so much fun. I hope you love your sneak peek.

In-joy! ~ Melissa




These little boys were so cute. Big brother was always watching out for his younger sibling. Have I mentioned how cute I think that is and how much I love seeing it. The best was when he helped his younger brother ring the old school house bell. So sweet!  Dad even found us a cool hidden teepee to hang out under and take a few pics.

V family, it was so great to meet you! THanks so much for choosing me to capture your family at this time in your lives. I hope you love your sneak peek.

In-joy! ~ Melissa


What a fun session this was. It had been postponed once because of rain so I was so glad to finally get to meet these great parents and their adorable little girl. She was quite mobile wanting to experience everything the park had to offer. I’m sure she was thinking “this is no time to stop and take pictures, I want to play!” So we did! We played on the playground, we hid by the statues, we blew some bubbles and we ran around, boy did we run around.  We just concentrated on having fun and what came next were a few magical photos that I just love. I’m happy to share a few here.

K family it was so wonderful to meet you guys. I hope you love your sneak peek!

in-joy! ~ Melissa

Military families always get extra love from MGP. This family is truly special. They are so sweet and my heart melted the moment I met them. Not true, my heart melted the moment I spoke with mom for the first time. Seriously, this dad is surrounded by four beauties who are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. W family it was so great to meet you guys. Thank you for everything you do and all you sacrifice to keep us safe! From the bottom of my heart, please know it is graciously appreciated!

in-joy!~ Melissa

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