A little change of pace from the usual. My awesome family – to be loves Halloween! Every year my fiance Clint and I, Clint’s aunt and uncle and his mom and stepdad decorate my future mother and father in law’s backyard with a fun theme and watch scary movies while enjoying the fire and some yummy food and drink. The best part of it all is getting together a few weeks before to decorate. We go all out! This year I was a bit busy and didn’t get a chance to decorate with them. That definitely made me sad. But they did such a great job I had to show it off here! ┬áThis year’s theme was the graveyard! Great job guys. Love you!

The scary movie we watched was “Exit Humanity“. Actually surprisingly a no name movie that was very good. It was a zombie movie and followed the experiences of a confederate soldier. – So that’s why the guy at the end is dressed like that…:) My future mother in law created him and also found the movie.

Clint also did a great job carving our first pumpkin of the season. More of that to come!

Clint’s uncle Joe made the best tasing witch fingers I’ve ever had (chocolate covered pretzel rods)

And as always, Clint’s aunt Maria (The Sign Lady) did an awesome job with the annual banner. If you need any kind of banners, signs or lettering on your car, truck or boat, she is your lady. Check her out here.

It was a great night and the best part was that Clint’s stepdad was back with us after spending more than 3 months in the hospital. He did tell us he’d be home in time for our movie night. And he was right!

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